Running, Rock Climbing, and Random Tidbits

Happy Friday everyone!  I decided it was probably time to check-in and give an update as to what I’ve been up to the past few months.  Here are some random tidbits for you to enjoy.

#1 Ever since last fall I have not been posting much on my little blog.  Obviously.  Blogging is a lot of fun and I still  make a point to read all of my fav blogs every day, but part of me is really freaked out that so much of my life can now be googled.  I understand I have the option to post whatever I want, but it’s pretty freaky to think that if someone wanted to look me up, they’d find out SO much about me with little effort.  Does that freak anyone else out??

#2  The middle of April started off race season.  Rod and I did the Fitger’s 5k.   I’ve never ran a 5k before so I was excited to see how my time would be.  I am used to the longer races.  I finished about 50 seconds behind Rod.  I was really hoping to beat him but since he was long gone and there was no catching up, I was aiming for getting under 25 minutes.  I finished in 25:04.  So, so close!

fitgers running


#3 My birthday was at the end of April so I spent the day with Rod and Emma.  The weather was super crummy so we went rock climbing!

rock climbing

rock climbing2


#4  My parents haven’t been to Minnesota in three years.  They live in Florida year round.  When I graduated college seven years ago, they moved down to FL.  The funny thing is most people assume my parents are retired, but really, they just wanted to move down there to try something different and get away from the cold.  Well, my parents ended up flying into Minnesota for the last weekend of April.  I was ecstatic.  We had the perfect weekend together;  we grilled at my grandma’s house, played games, and even went to the bar for a beer!  It was a great weekend that I wish we could do more often.



#5  A few weeks ago, I graduated from college for the second time.  As I mentioned above, my parents moved away seven years ago when I graduated college with my first degree.  But two years ago, I quit my FT job and decided to pursue another college degree.  This  time around, I got a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Promotion.  I am beyond thrilled to have finally graduated.  It’s been quite a long journey these past few years but hard work really does pay off.  I’m still completing my internship which lasts until the middle of August.  After my internship ends, I have no idea what I plan on doing.  Part of me really wants to move to Colorado….and part of me really wants to move closer to my parents.  We’ll see how these next few months play out :)  Anyways, back to graduation…that night, a group of us went out for dinner and drinks.  Leslie graduated with her master’s the week prior so we had to cheers to celebrate all our hard work!



Well that’s all I have for today!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!