Happy hump day! The week is halfway over. Yay!

Time for another What I Ate Wednesday post.

So yesterday morning I opened the fitness center at 5:30 am. Since I had to be up so early, I packed a light breakfast. I had the peaches and cream. It was actually pretty tasty. But I could seriously eat one package in two bites. The serving size is very small!


Then, I headed to Anytime to teach. On the ride up, I realized I was getting hungry so I rummaged through my backpack and found my banana walnut granola.


I arrived early so I watch Netflix on the elliptical for about 45 minutes. It felt good to stretch out and have a lighter workout.

Our workout was similar to Monday’s. It’s a different class and participants than Monday and since it was so fun and challenging, I thought my Tuesday class would enjoy it too!


100 butterfly sit-ups
90 squats (30 jump, 30 pliΓ©, 30 squats)
80 overhead DB swing
70 walking lunges
60 box jumps
50 burpees
40 push ups
30 bent over rows
20 single leg deadlifts
10 star jumps

Overhead press
Tricep kickbacks
Reps: 15/12/9

After class, I went home and made my French toast scrambler. This is so delicious! Gotta try it.


…with a BIG ole scoop of PB.


I had about two hours before my next job so I decided to take a quick snooze!

After my nap, I made a salad and grabbed my Chobani and banana walnut granola (Not pictured).


When I got home from work last night, was snuggling with Thor and felt a bump. Here I ended up finding three ticks. Two of them were TINY and so I’m a little nervous. I can’t remember if I he’s been vaccinated or not. So on the agenda today is calling the vet and making an appointment to get him checked out. Fingers crossed my buddy is okay!!


Question: has anything ever happened to your puppy/cat/pet that made you worried or uneasy??

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