Not-So-Wordless Weekend Wrap-Up

It’s Tuesday already?!  What happened to Monday?  Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

On Saturday, we had our Beer Tasting Train to attend.  It was an absolute blast.

Beer train

Les and Rod


We tried out many different types of beers including Bent Paddle, Summit, Sam Adams, Fitger’s Brewhouse, South Shore Brewery, and many more I should probably remember but don’t.  I love being able to try local breweries with small samples.  It let’s me figure out just what types of beers I like and which types I do not like care for very much.  Fitger’s had an Apricot beer and wow, that was sure tasty.  I was surprised how fruity it tasted.  I loved each and every one I tried.  But then again I do love me some good beer.

After our train ride, we went to watch our friend, Ethan, play in his band.  Ethan is a very talented drum player and has been playing in the band Flywheel for quite awhile.  Live music is so much fun and since I haven’t seen him play since last October, we made a point to go watch.  Long story short, the night ended with shots (and I never take shots!) so Sunday was a very, very lazy day.  Hence my hangover food….

Hangover Food


After a very unproductive Sunday, I wanted to make sure I made the most of Monday.  So I took Thor for two long walks before noon.  And…I even managed to pop out a 5 mile run.  My running has been slacking the past two weeks so I was happy with my mileage and pace.

Outside Run


Not much else happened for my weekend…except realizing I’m 26 and no longer 21.  Why I thought I was invincible Saturday night is beyond me.  I never do that crap anymore.  I guess I was do for a wild night ;-)

Have you had a wild night recently?  When you go out, do you stick to beer or booze?
I always drink beer when I go out so the fact that I had shots on Saturday…..I was bound to wind up on my ass all day Sunday.

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